he is here

he is here



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What she does?

Everybody ask me this question once a while. Yes, they want to know what I do, and how I work doing healing at long distance. How is it possible?
I don’t have a precise answer to do but I can ask: how do you talk in a cel phone at long distance?
What is behind it?
Just think..
Every thing is vibrational. And when the human beings starts to use the real power they hold in their brains, instead of just to follow ” the matrix” they will touch the real field that holds every life, every one, every realm.
That is the mystery.
I am able to transcend the line of time and space because they are a continuum , not a linear line like people tend to believe.
And what someone believe or follow use to be real for this person.
I believe in life and that life is a phenomena that embraces everything and everybody with a field that I call love. Love is all over. Once you touch it you can read and deal with everything .
Some day, everyone will choose love instead of fear to be the master of their lives.
And this is what I do.
I bring every baby to the world with the love and peace they request to come.
And with that focus in mind I connect with them and they answer me very well.
So, welcome Ruven-Nachum, and welcome Abigail!